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Indo Global Holidaz is a leading travel & tour company, which is into ticketing & Holiday tours having head office in New Delhi with the branch office in the Chandigarh. The company strength is service backed by experience, reputation and associate offices in all major cities of India.

Indo Global Holidaz is one of India’s leading travel & tour companies. We have an extensive portfolio of products that suits the various needs of corporate travel be it large businesses or small and medium enterprises (SMEs). From MICE events to corporate travel, our expertise in the domain ensures timely and value for money solutions for our clients, keeping intact the high quality services. We also deal in holiday packages, ticketing, hotels and other customized travel and hospitality solutions with our head office in the Delhi. Indo Global Holidaz strength is state-of-the-art service backed by experience, reputation and associate offices in all the major cities of India.




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Our Mission

Together, we have aspired to create a business that is focused on outstanding service and competitive fares.
"Creating & cherishing memories through travel" is our mandate.
For us, travel is not about airplanes, cruises, hotels etc. Travel is about the memories one brings back home. Visiting family, experiencing new destinations, meeting new people and getting back together with folks is what travel is all about. Our 5-star ratings and reviews are a testimony to our commitment. in fact, 92% of our customers would recommend us.

Our Values

  • We provide state of the art communication technology to service our International clients
  • Our team works hard so our customers don’t have to
  • We've made it easy to match our client’s unique needs with the best travel offers in the market
  • We are proud of our hybrid model that allows our customers to get deep discounted airfar
  • We work on the foundation of mutual trust, individual contribution, and very high quality leadership
  • We have a culture of employee ownership & leadership
  • We are committed to excellence, honesty, respect & integrity

Our Process

Our hybrid business model offers a convenient online booking capability along with a 24/7 personalized travel booking experience assisted by a trained and certified travel counsellor. We offer one-on-one service to provide our clients with low cost tickets efficiently and in a user-friendly environment.

Our partnerships with consolidators and airlines allow us to pass on huge discounts and cut travel costs without sacrificing travel comfort. Our clients receive the best value from one-on-one service by our live travel counsellors. Our clients pay for a great airline seat for about 30-45% less than they will pay anywhere online! Wondering how are we able to offer deep discounts on flight bookings and why we ask to call us directly? Let us explain! whether it be the economy or business class fares, some of the cheapest airline contracted deals are not allowed by airlines for online publishing, and those can only be sold in offline mode via phone. these deals offer deep discounts - sometimes cutting prices down by 30 to 45% than online fares and even more for peak season travel.

Italy, Alaska, or whatever is on your bucket list – we can help you get there! along with offering best airfares, we also provide tailor-made journeys, designed to your interests, tastes and budget, throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, the polar regions and Australasia. We can also offer expert advice on cruises, hotel and local tour bookings. Custom trips to India, Southeast Asia, African safari, Italy, Greece, Scandinavian countries along with Alaska, and river cruises are our most popular international journeys. all inclusive trips to Cancun, Hawaii, Caribbean and other islands are our specialty for the North America region. Our destination experts are explorers with experience and we are committed to delivering memorable tours for families, couples, friends travelers.


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